What steps should I take if I am injured at work?

Being injured on the job is a stressful situation, especially as the medical bills start piling up and you are unable to work your normal wages to afford the additional expenses. After all, you certainly did not expect to be injured, and may not have the resources you need if you are too injured to work and earn your normal wages. If you find yourself in such a situation you may want to learn more about pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.

Steps to take when pursuing workers’ compensation

The first thing you will want to do when you are injured on the job is to notify your employer about the injury and seek medical care. However, you may not be able to initially see the doctor of your choosing. Your employer may have a medical office that employees are to initially see for on-the-job injuries. If your employer does not have a designated health care provider, then you can see a doctor of your choosing.

You will also need to provide your employer with written notice of your injury. This does not have to be very formal. It just needs to let your employer know when the incident occurred and what injuries you sustained as a result. If you are too injured to write, a friend or relative can write on your behalf.

Focus on recovery

Finally, keep following your doctor’s instructions. This way you can begin the process of healing from your injury. If you receive workers’ compensation benefits, they may cover the costs of your medical expenses and lost wages, so you can focus on recovery and eventually getting back to work.

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