New immigrants may be good for the U.S. economy

The Senate is working on an immigration bill that may be good for immigrants and also for the United States on the whole because new jobs may be available to immigrant workers. If that happens, the end result may be that the food prices across the country may go down.

The bill, which is in the U.S. Senate at the moment, referred to as the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, is primarily about modernizing the workforce in food production, which many people feel is desperately in need of an overhaul. Some people also feel that because the system was outdated, it caused prices for vegetable, dairy and meat to increase.

Immigrants may have be able to find temporary work all year

At the moment, businesses that employ workers year round are not able to make use of the worker visa program, which is a temporary program in the agriculture industry. If the bill is passed, some businesses would be able to meet their goals by supplying experienced workers who are employed legally.

However, what is supposedly holding up the bill from being passed is whether the workers should be granted the right to sue their employers if the workers feel that some labor law(s) have been violated. One of the bill’s strongest opponents is the American Farm Bureau Federation.

You must protect your rights

As a person from another country who is working toward becoming a U.S. citizen, with all of the rights and privileges that go with legal immigration status, it is essential that you protect your rights and ensure that you are being treated fairly.

That is where an experienced Charlotte immigration attorney may be able to make all of the difference to your case. Sound advise can help you to get through a difficult experience and knowing that you are not alone can really ease your burden and make you feel that things will turn around and that you and your family will enjoy a good life in the near future.

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