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What counts as identity theft?

For better or worse, nobody can escape a fully digital world. If you’ve used the internet for anything, chances are that there’s already some data on you. Many people would share even their most private moments on social media for the world to see. Thankfully,…

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Can a passenger sue a driver after a car accident?

Car accidents are a distressing experience for everyone involved. Yet, much of the discussion around car accidents tends to focus on drivers and their vehicles, overlooking passengers. If you are now dealing with the aftermath of a car accident as a passenger, know that your…

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An overview of the asylum process

Every year, the United States allows legal entry into the country for thousands of immigrants who are seeking asylum. This immigration program is meant for refugees who are fleeing persecution in their home countries. The topic of asylum comes up often in the news media,…

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Four ways to maximize compensation in your car accident case

Your primary concern following a car accident is probably your physical health. After all, the injuries that you suffered in your wreck might’ve left you with debilitating harm that’s painful and limiting on your mobility. Given the disruptions this can have on your daily living…

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Can workers’ compensation cover COVID-19 infections?

While the threat of COVID-19 has largely diminished in the past couple of years, the illness remains a constant problem that comes and goes. Experts have even warned that with fall and winter coming, the number of infection cases could rise again. Data from the…

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Can psychological stress be compensable under workers’ comp?

Accidents can happen to employees on the job. And it’s important to understand which illnesses and injuries are most likely to result in workers’ compensation claims. Commonly known damages under this claim are physical. These types of injuries include sprains, illnesses or conditions caused by…

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What happens if you drive while your license is revoked for DWI?

When you’re convicted of driving while impaired (DWI) in North Carolina, the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will revoke your driver’s license as part of the penalties. The revocation lasts for a year for your first offense, but if you’re convicted for a second…

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Construction dangers are evident after scaffold collapse

Construction work is a common vocation for many in North Carolina. This is particularly true for immigrants, many of whom are Latino. Since construction workers are at significant risk and so many immigrants are involved in this type of work, it is imperative to be…

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Usual reasons for a green card denial

A green card generally makes you a permanent resident of the United States but getting one can be challenging. You need to apply, submit the necessary documents and go through the required procedures, and even then, you might fail. Every year, thousands of applicants fail…

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How serious is shoplifting?

Given how common shoplifting is, some customers might think it is not a big deal if they slip a few items into their bags without paying for them. But because shoplifting costs businesses millions of dollars annually, authorities take the crime seriously. Shoplifting can result…

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