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Drug trafficking in North Carolina: What you need to know

The possession of illegal drugs in North Carolina is already one of the more serious criminal offenses anyone can face. However, allegations of drug trafficking lead to far stricter penalties for conviction. Unlike the offense of possession, trafficking convictions are also based on weight instead…

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Two men charged with trafficking cocaine and meth

Law enforcement agencies resort to many different techniques to detect criminal behavior. One of the most frequently used technique is a highway interdiction, that is, the stopping automobiles to check for possession of prohibited substances. A recent interdiction on I-85 resulted in the arrest of…

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Did the police have a reason to stop you and charge you with DWI?

Last night the police pulled you over and charged you with driving while intoxicated (DWI). If the court finds you guilty, you could face prison time or community service. You could lose your license or have to drive with an ignition lock. If you are…

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The extensive repercussion of drug possession for college students

For college students charged with drug possession, the consequences can have far-reaching effects on their academic future and career. Whether they are charged with possession or intent to distribute the extent of the educational damage can be equally severe. Considering the implications of a conviction…

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