Workers’ compensation help for injured workers

Workers’ compensation benefits can be essential for injured workers who are left suffering after a workplace injury. Several different types of workers’ compensation benefits may be available to injured workers following an on-the-job injury that they should be familiar with. The following are some workers’ compensation benefits to help injured workers.

Medical care

Medical care for treatment of the injured worker’s injuries, or occupational illness, is provided and directed by the injured worker’s employer and their insurance company. It may be possible to petition for a change in physician or approve an employee request for a physician given good grounds.

Wage compensation

The injured worker becomes eligible for wage compensation 7 days following the first day of lost time that they were unable to work due to the injury. If the disability from the workplace injury last longer than 21 days, then the injured worker will also be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for the first 7 days of their injury period. The worker will receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage subject to a maximum benefit amount. Injured workers are eligible to receive wage compensation benefits until they are able to return to work.

Disability benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits for permanent partial disability may be available to the injured worker depending on the circumstances. The amount of benefit available is determined based on impairment and wage-earning capacity.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers with the two biggest concerns many of them face following a workplace injury including the loss of income and the need for, and costs associated with, medical treatment and care. Injured workers in North Carolina need to be familiar with who workers’ compensation benefits can help them.

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