What Steps Are Needed After A Collision?

Drivers need to be consistently alert to all the factors that could lead to a collision. Though the moments directly after a crash can be incredibly jarring for drivers and passengers, there are some necessary steps those involved must take. The first steps a driver needs to take after an accident should be determining the safety of the current situation as well as the severity of the injuries present. The other steps are less intuitive.

Understand the importance of documentation

After responding to any medical emergencies, the next important step is to record as much about the conditions surrounding the crash as possible:

  • Alert emergency services: After you assess the situation and respond to any critical injuries, you should call 911. This step is essential for several reasons. First, emergency services will take anyone injured to the hospital. This action is important even if you think you don’t have any serious injuries as some conditions like a traumatic brain injury or whiplash may not present until later. The combination of a medical report and the police report of those responding on the scene are crucial to filing a personal injury claim.
  • Take photos and video : Documenting an accident scene can go a long way to establishing fault in a collision. North Carolina is an at-fault state with regards to motor vehicle accidents. Photos can help determine the potential negligence that led to the accident. Recording the events after an accident can also help determine the state of the other driver.
  • Accept medical treatment : A doctor’s report will highlight what injuries occurred. This first doctor’s visit is vital to establishing a record of an injury.

The real cost of an injury

The high-velocity injuries that drivers incur during an accident can create lifelong conditions and affect a person’s livelihood. Injured motorists need to receive compensation to account for the long-term rehabilitation that may be necessary for recovery. Don’t let someone else’s negligence ruin your health and finances. Pursue the compensation you need.

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