What is the impact of truck driver fatigue?

Truck accidents can result in extensive physical, financial and emotional damages for victims of truck accidents. Truck driver fatigue can be dangerous and may result in truck accidents so it is important to understand the impacts of truck driver fatigue.

Fatigue makes it difficult to focus on the roadway

When a truck driver is drowsy, they may have difficulty focusing on what is going on around them. It may cause them to not respond quickly enough when a vehicle pulls in front of the truck or cause them to fail to recognize a vehicle traveling in their blind spot. It may also cause them to fail to notice changes in traffic patterns, speed limits or traffic lights. Because large trucks generally need more space to maneuver, when a truck driver fails to see what is going on around them, it can increase the chances of them causing a serious accident.

Fatigue can reduce driver reflexes

When a truck driver is drowsy, they may not respond as quickly as needed to avoid accidents. Truck drivers need to have quick reflexes to react quickly to what is happening on the road to avoid getting in truck accidents and truck driver fatigue can dull their reflexes.

Fatigue can make it difficult to make quick decisions

When a truck driver is drowsy, they may lose their ability to respond quickly to hazards on the roadway. Truck drivers have to decide when to change lanes, fluctuate or maintain speed and how to respond to constant changes on the roadway such as traffic and traffic lights. Drivers have to make judgment calls quickly and being fatigued can reduce their ability to do so effectively and safely.

It is important for truck drivers to be alert on the roadway at all times. When truck accidents result, it is equally important for truck accident victims to be familiar with how personal injury legal resources may be able to help them with their damages.

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