What happens if my rental car is damaged?

When you rent a car, it is a fun and scary time. For one, it is fun because you get to drive a new car, especially if it is a fun car, like a sports car or convertible. On the other hand, it is not your car, there is always the worry that there will be some hidden backend charge that you do not know about. And,what happens if the Charlotte, North Carolina, rental car is damaged, and you do not know about it?

The invisible car accident

For example, say you drove that brand-new convertible sports car for two weeks. It was amazing. You felt the wind in your hair, drove too fast and had a blast. It was eventful to your life, but uneventful as to car accidents. You returned the car and paid your bill. Then, months later, you get a huge bill from the insurance company saying the vehicle was in a car accident while in your possession. What do you do?

Collision Damage Waiver

If you opted for the Collision Damage Waiver, you have nothing to worry about. Simply send them a copy of your original rental agreement with that paperwork filled out, and that CDW should cover that damage. Alternatively, if you have CDW coverage through your credit card or a third-party provider, send the claim to them to handle.

Alternative options

Alternatively, you have two other options. You can give this claim to your auto insurance company or to your Charlotte, North Carolina, auto accident attorney to fight it, if you believe it is fraudulent.

Protect yourself in the future

In the future, you can opt for CDW, whether directly with the rental company or with a third-party company or your credit card company. However, documentation can also protect you from frivolous damage claims. Video the entire car, including the undercarriage, inside, wheels and windshield. Be sure to note all damage, and nothing is too small not to document. Do not leave without having the employee sign the damage form with all of the damage noted and take a copy for yourself.

When you return the car, you need to do the same. Take a video of the car again. Include the entire exterior, including the undercarriage, inside, wheels and windshield. Have an agent walk the car with you, and have the Charlotte, North Carolina, employee sign off on the form to confirm the car was returned in the same condition.

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