Usual reasons for a green card denial

A green card generally makes you a permanent resident of the United States but getting one can be challenging. You need to apply, submit the necessary documents and go through the required procedures, and even then, you might fail.

Every year, thousands of applicants fail to get a green card for one or some of the following reasons:


The U.S. government grants green cards to people who belong to particular eligibility categories. Each category typically covers different situations and comes with specific requirements.

Erroneous paperwork

Committing mistakes in your paperwork might cost you your chance at owning a green card. Some frequent mistakes include lacking information on forms, submitting wrong photo sizes and providing untranslated documents.

Missed appointments

The application process includes several scheduled appointments and interviews. These are mandatory, so it is generally wise to reschedule any meeting you missed as soon as possible.

Missed RFE

When the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires more information about you, they typically send a Request for Evidence (RFE) to your listed mailing address. RFEs usually have deadlines and missing them might lead to your application’s denial.

Immigration law violations

Violating immigration laws by entering the U.S. illegally or overstaying your visa may lead the USCIS to deny your application. You will also likely get a denial if you have a history of deportation from the country.

Criminal record

The USCIS may reject your application if you have a record of committing certain crimes, such as drug trafficking, prostitution and fraud. A history of terrorist activities will also likely lead to a denial.

Health issues

The application process usually involves a medical exam. The government will likely deny your application if you have communicable diseases or other conditions that might compromise your or others’ safety.

Obtaining a green card is a long and often complicated process. If you have difficulty meeting requirements, an immigration attorney can explain the steps and help you get favorable results from your green card application.

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