Maintenance and cargo securement in truck accidents cases

Many truck accidents occur because the drivers of these big rigs act negligently while operating their vehicle. They might be distracted, fatigued, or even intoxicated. While these types of truck accidents are pretty common, there are other types of wrecks involving trucks that can be just as damaging. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident then you might want to know more about what causes these accidents so that you can take the legal steps necessary to try to find accountability and recover compensation.

Improper truck maintenance

Even the safest trucker can wind up causing a devastating accident if his or her rig is improperly maintained. Federal regulators recognize this, which is why they require routine inspections. Truckers are even required to complete inspection reports at the end of each driving day, identifying any defect that could identify safety issues. The truck company is then required to either certify that the issue has been fixed or that the deficiency does not require immediate repair.

Improperly secured cargo

A lot of semi-trucks carry massive cargo that can come loose and spill onto the roadway. When that happens, a serious accident can occur. That’s why federal regulations mandate the number and types of tiedowns that must be used to secure this cargo. Therefore, cargo that is longer should have more secure tiedowns that a shorter piece of cargo.

Use discovery to build your truck accident case

Regardless of the type of truck accident that you or your loved one has been involved in, you need evidence to support your claim. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in discovery, whereby you secure pertinent records, including those pertaining to inspection and maintenance of trucks and cargo securement records. Witnesses can be crucial, too, of course. If you think that you could benefit form legal assistance in developing your strategy moving forward, then now may be the time to discuss your unique set of circumstances with an attorney who knows how to build these sorts of cases.

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