Guiding you through family immigration law matters

The reasons to immigrate to America are multitudinous; however, when families move to the United States, the main objective is to keep their family together as a unit. Unfortunately, immigration law issues could arise, resulting in families being split due to issues with status.

This is a devastating, complex and emotional event to experience; however, it is also a situation where certain rights exist. Immigrants facing deportation or issues regarding their status or path to citizenship are afforded rights, allowing them to take action to remain in the country along with the members of their family.

Family immigration law

At Butler, Quinn & Hochman, PLLC, our skilled attorneys understand the challenges an immigration matter can place on individuals and families. Thus, our law firm is focused on aiding individuals throughout the process, ensuring they gain a better understanding of the matter, the laws involved and what options they have.

Immigration issues

Whether you just arrived in the United States or have resided in the country for years or even since birth, a wide range of immigration issues could arise. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and skills to address issues such as bond hearings, deportation and removal proceedings, applications for permanent residency, obtaining a visa, seeking asylum, gaining temporary protection status and completing the naturalization process.

We understand that taking on any legal matter in a country you are not familiar with is scary; however, you do not need to go through it alone. By gaining a better understanding of your situation and rights, you will better protect your rights and interests as you move forward with your immigration law matter.

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