Agricultural workers face many hazards

Like many other states, North Carolina economy relies on agriculture. This state has favorable conditions for growing many different types of products, including sweet potatoes, peanuts and cotton. Hog farms are also common in North Carolina.

North Carolina actually has one of the highest numbers of agricultural labors in the United States.

Of course, growing and harvesting these products requires the help of agricultural workers. These workers face a number of risks while on the job.

Agricultural workers can get injured in a number of ways

For one, agricultural workers are often around heavy machinery. These machines can easily cause crush injuries or wounds even when the worker is exercising due caution. Likewise, specialized vehicles, like tractors, can cause injuries.

Also, workers at farms and orchards frequently have to do their work from heights or in other dangerous locations, such as inside a grain storage facility.

Finally, just by the nature of their work, agricultural workers can suffer repetitive motion injuries or, if they work around loud equipment, gradual injuries to the ears.

Agricultural workers can also suffer from serious illnesses

Agricultural workers can also develop cancer or other serious illnesses because of their work. For example, many workers are exposed to potent pesticides while they are in the fields handling crops.

Also, because they are out in the fields for long hours, skin cancer due to sun exposure is a risk these workers face.

Injured and ill farmworkers have legal options to receive compensation

A state agency creates and enforces safety standards on most employers in this state, including employers in the agriculture industry, and these standards may at times exceed federal expectations. An employer can face serious fines and penalties for not following these standards.

Moreover, injured or sickened agricultural workers who work in or around Charlotte may pursue workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits should help workers cover medical bills and lost wages.

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