What steps should I take following a workplace injury?

A workplace injury can be devastating for workers and their families. For that reason, injured workers should know how workers’ compensation benefits can protect them and what steps to take following a workplace accident.

There are several steps injured workers should take after they have been injured on-the-job including:

  1. Report the injury to their employer and seek medical treatment: The injured worker should report the workplace injury to their employer and seek medical care if there is onsite medical care available or from the medical care provider designated by the employer. If neither is available, the injured worker should seek the medical care and treatment they need.
  2. Inform the medical care provider that the injury is work-related: So that the injured workers’ medical care and treatment is billed to their workers’ compensation claim, they should let their medical care provider know the injury is work-related and the name of their employer.
  3. Report the injury to the employer, owner, manager or supervisor: As soon as possible, the injured worker should report their injury to their employer or manager. If they are able to do so in person, they should but if they are unable to do so in person because of the injury, they should have a family member or friend report it.
  4. Provide a written letter to the employer: As soon as possible following the accident, but within 30 days, the injured worker should provide written notice of their injury to the employer. A written description briefly detailing the accident and the injury suffered is sufficient.
  5. Follow medical instructions for treatment of the injury: The injured worker should following their medical care provider’s instruction for treatment of their injury.

By following these steps, the injured worker can help protect themselves and more easily make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers through their workplace injury which is why it is helpful to understand the process and the steps to take following a workplace accident.

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