What is asylum in an immigration legal case?

There are many reasons that individuals move to the United States. For some, job opportunities cause them to pick up from their home countries and relocate. For others, love and relationships may be the impetus for international relocations.

Whatever the reason, an individual generally needs permission for their move into the United States. Sadly, many individuals attempt to move into the country due to dangerous and life-threatening conditions in their home nations. When a person faces persecution in their home nation and attempts to live in North Carolina or another state, they may claim asylum as their basis for staying.

Grounds for claims of asylum

Asylum is an international legal concept that relates to immigration based on need. A person who seeks asylum in the United States claims that they cannot stay in their home country because of actual or feared persecution. Often, individuals who seek asylum fear for their safety in their home countries and seek relocation as a means of survival.

Timing of asylum claims

Many people claim asylum when they arrive in the United States, regardless of whether their entries were legal. However, immigrants have up to one year after their last entry in the United States to make their asylum claims. As stated, individuals who enter the country through legal and illegal means can seek asylum and protect from removal to their dangerous homelands.

How to work through an asylum claim

There are many steps to processing a claim for asylum. Particular forms must be completed and information must be provided to the courts so that a refugee’s case can be fully investigated. Handling one’s own asylum case can be very hard. Those who want to seek asylum can benefit from the help of dedicated immigration attorneys. This post does not provide any legal guidance or advice.

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