Truck drivers have a very dangerous job

They may not get a lot of attention for it, but North Carolina truck drivers have a very risky job.

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers account for a high number of workplace deaths across the country. They also have a large number of work-related injuries that require them to take time off work to recover.

If one things about it, Charlotte-area drivers of large trucks face a number of dangers.

For one, since they drive a lot of miles, they have a higher chance of getting into a motor vehicle accident. Trucking is a rough job in a lot of other ways too.

Truckers often have to move equipment and other heavy items, and they may have to make the same motions over and over again to their work.

If they are on someone else’s payroll, these truckers should be able to collect workers’ compensation from their employers.

Whether their injury is a one-time accident or an injury or illness that happened over time, workers’ compensation should pay for the victim’s legitimate out-of-pocket costs. These benefits will also reimburse a portion of their lost income.

Truckers should remember that North Carolina’s workers’ compensation program is no-fault. Even if the trucker may have been partially responsible for their injuries, they can still collect.

In some cases, a trucker may want to explore their other legal options

Although they are extremely helpful, workers’ compensation benefits may not pay for all of an injured trucker’s losses. In particular, workers’ compensation will not reimburse a trucker for the pain and suffering and emotional distress their injuries might cause.

Generally, injured workers may not sue their employers for work-related injuries so long as their employer provides workers’ compensation.

Depending on their circumstances, a trucker might have a personal injury claim against someone responsible for their injuries. For example, if a trucker gets hurt in a car accident, then the trucker may be able to sue the negligent driver who caused the wreck.

Truckers in the Charlotte area who suffer a work-related injury may have several legal options available to them.

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