The reasons why violent attacks occur on certain properties

With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering, you work from home four times a week. And once a week, you head into the office to focus on your projects, assuring no distractions from the kids at home. This schedule works well for you, and, sometimes, that one day in the office does not end until well into the night.

With few people around the building and surrounding area, you feel safe. But, one night, that all changes. While walking to your car in the building’s parking ramp, you are accosted by two individuals. They shove a gun in your face, beat, kick and pistol-whip you, stealing your wallet, cellphone, car keys and car. You are bloodied and dazed on the ramp’s concrete ground. Why did this happen? Where was help? Premises liability comes into play in your personal injury.

Negligence of property owners and landlords

Negligence was at the root of this violent attack that has left you with serious injuries, a lengthy recovery, the inability to work for several weeks and exorbitant medical bills. Did you let your guard down? No, you did not. You should have been assured safe passage in this environment.

This was not your fault. The blame falls squarely on the property’s owners and/or landlords. Vigilant security staff would have anticipated such an attack and prepared for it.

Violent attacks can occur on any property or any private or public place whether outside or inside a facility. The reasons for such crime and assaults on properties include:

  • Inefficient or non-working lighting: Darkness provides easy cover for assailants looking to attack and rob unsuspecting individuals whether at parking ramps, parking lots, building stairwells, hallways and common areas.
  • Few or non-existent security cameras: Cameras prove effective if they are in the right places and plenty of them are present. Alert security staff regularly monitor these cameras and the comings and goings of people.
  • Few security staff as well as poorly trained security: There is strength in numbers. If a facility does not have enough security staff working each night, there is a better chance that no one is harmed or an attack can be stopped. In addition, facilities must provide effective training to security staff or rely on third-party companies that do so.
  • Non-working locks on doors and windows: Assailants view them as an invitation to commit a crime, providing easy access to buildings and rooms. People staying in hotels are among the potential victims.

Property owners and landlords have the responsibility of assuring a safe place for people who visit or frequent their facilities. Implementing solid safety measures is a deterrent to potential crimes. The public should not have to pay for their carelessness.

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