The percentage of immigrants in the United States

Immigrants have always been a fundamental part of the makeup of the United States. Almost everyone who lives in the country is either an immigrant or descended from one. That importance still exists today and this country continues to be a hub for immigration in the world — as it will be for generations to come.

The most recent studies indicate that about 13.7% of people living in the United States today — with a population of more than 327 million — are immigrants. That number is a large increase from a study in 1970 that found the lowest recorded total: just 4.7%. In 1890, immigrants made up about 14.8% of the U.S. population. It is clear that there has been a push for immigration over the past 50 years.

Because of this, immigrants may have a lot of questions. Where will they work and live? What type of paperwork do they need to secure jobs or housing? What do they do if they want to bring family members over to live with them and reunite the family unit? What rights do they have as immigrants and how does their status impact these rights? What should they know about current immigration policies?

These questions are all important, and those asking them need to work with an experienced team who can guide them forward.

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