North Carolina crime rate higher than U.S. average

This blog often discusses crime throughout our area and the importance of strong criminal defenses for those accused of those crimes. While it may seem like people are accused of criminal activities excessively in North Carolina and Charlotte, generally, as it turns out, it is actually true.

The FBI Data

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, our states violent crime rate is now higher than the national rate. This is the first time this has happened in 13 years as the FBI reported over 44,000 violent crimes in North Carolina. The FBI reported that this is a 12% increase from 2019 to 2020, driven, primarily, by assaults and homicides.

Charlotte seeing similar spikes

Over the summer, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported spikes in violent crimes as well. This included the same spike in crimes reported by the FBI, assaults and homicides. Indeed, during these summer months (June, July and August), there is usual a spike, but the spike scene last year was much worse. In fact, the CMPD investigated nearly 120 homicides in 2020.

The possible repercussions

The unfortunate consequences for Charlotte, North Carolina, residents of this news are that many politicians and police captains will now feel pressure to be “tough on crime.” This means many will be swept up in dragnets, unjustified searches and traffic stops and other unscrupulous police measures that are justified by tough on crime stances.

What to do when arrested

When this reaction happens, if one of our readers is caught up, remember, ever resident has the right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer. Be polite and provide identification, but nothing more is required. No one is required to participate in an investigation, and no one is required to self-incriminate themselves either.

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