Local police officer charged with assault after domestic incident

In Charlotte and across North Carolina, a domestic incident can happen to anyone and result in an arrest. This includes people in law enforcement. In addition, it is not restricted by gender. Although the overwhelming percentage of domestic violence cases have women being victimized, they can also be accused of committing these acts themselves. The allegations and a potential conviction can cause a litany of problems, especially for someone who has a great deal to lose personally and professionally. Regardless of the circumstances, it is imperative to understand how to try and achieve a positive outcome.

Officer faces several charges after domestic violence arrest

A Charlotte law enforcement officer was arrested after she allegedly assaulted another person during a dispute. She has been with the police department for around eight months. The charges include assault and false imprisonment. The latter is a misdemeanor. Other officers were contacted about an altercation between the arrested officer and another person. Once the investigating officer learned that it was a fellow officer who was accused, a supervisor was contacted. There was a criminal investigation and internal affairs is also assessing what happened. She has been put on administrative leave with the department and will not be paid until an investigation has been completed.

Assault can have severe consequences

Assault comes in many forms. If a person had a slight verbal dispute, a minor scuffle and other forms of light contact with another person, it can result in a misdemeanor assault charge. Felony charges can come about if there was an attempt to seriously injure another person or had a deadly weapon during the act. For domestic violence, it frequently happens between people who are involved in a relationship, are married or are family members. While it is generally categorized as a male assaulting a female, this case shows that situations can vary.

Combating domestic violence accusations is essential for the future

In this case, a law enforcement officer was accused of domestic assault and more. Given the potential criminal consequences and the negative impact a conviction can have on her employment and future, she must understand what she is confronted with and forge a viable criminal defense. There may be alternatives like a plea bargain available. The case could stem from a misunderstanding or a mutual dispute and an acquittal is possible. For the officer accused and anyone else who was arrested on similar charges in their own case, having a qualified and comprehensive defense is key from the outset.

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