Does workers’ compensation cover illegal workers in Charlotte?

It is hard to make a living if you do not have the papers to be in the country. Many employers exploit undocumented workers, making them work long hours for little pay. If you suffer an accident in your workplace, your employer may say it is not their problem. They are relying on you being too scared to report them.

Fortunately, under North Carolina law, your immigration status does not affect your rights to workers’ compensation. If you are an underage worker, you are also covered.

Some states do not require employers to take out workers’ compensation insurance, but North Carolina does in most cases. All businesses with three or more employees are required to have the policy. Including if they are corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or sole proprietorships.

Exceptions are made for employees who are casually taken on in an area different from that of the employer. For example, if a builder gave a caterer some casual work, they would probably not need to insure them.

If you work as a domestic servant for the owner of a business, they do not need to cover you as long as you are working for them, rather than their business. If you work on a farm with less than 10 full-time workers or are selling farm produce on a commission basis, your employer does not need to cover you either.

If you have an accident while working illegally in Charlotte, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should cover you. A legal team who speaks your language can help you file your claim correctly.

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