Being an immigrant in 2020 can take a psychological toll

It’s not easy being an immigrant these days. It can be incredibly stressful on many fronts. That doesn’t mean there are not major upsides, but one also has to understand the challenges faced by immigrants in 2020.

Professionals note that there is a potential psychological toll. Some of it comes from oppression and racism. Even when the actions are covert or consist of microaggressions, this can lead to stress.

Other forms of stress come from financial hurdles, an inability to find a job, difficulty with a new language and many other factors. Sometimes, these things are all connected. For instance, an immigrant may struggle to find a job when confronted with racial discrimination in the hiring process, and that can then lead to financial troubles for their family.

Researchers have referred to this stress as acculturative stress, which is the cumulative impact of many different stressors. They also note that this can lead to health problems, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, lower satisfaction levels and other types of psychological distress.

It may help immigrants to know that these challenges exist. When you have the right mindset as you start the immigration process, you can prepare yourself in every way possible to deal with these challenges. That gives you the best chance to overcome any that you face and have a successful, fulfilling transition to life in the United States.

It could also help to work with an experienced legal team that knows how to guide you every step of the way. You need to know what your rights are, what options you have and how to get started.

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